We're Different and We Are Aware

Always one step ahead of its competitors with its years of experience and knowledge, MIZAN continues to lead the sector with its contemporary and dynamic structure with awareness of its differentiation and responsibilities.

Goals and Principles

Our basic principles are to aim to be "the best" with our customer oriented business strategy, to give importance to human resources, to not forget that source of development is creating new resources, to make business morality and honesty a "must" condition and to be a world player in the awareness of giving power to our country.

Ourclients Our priority.

Creating value for our customers, responding to expectations with quality and stability is our first priority. It is our duty to own our products and to be in front of our customers after sales.

Always being "the best" is our indispensable goal.

Our main goal is to be the best in quality, service, supply sources and dealer relations, investment options offered to shareholders and to maintain this image that we have in public. To achieve this goal, it is our basic principle to assume management and to be a leader in the market.

Our most important asset is our human resource.

The quality of our products and services start with the quality of our employees. To attract and recruit the best staff and adult human power to our community, to provide the utmost benefit from our human talents, and their strength and creativity; to increase their productivity, to allow them to develop and to create a work environment where business associations and associates are born, and to ensure the continuity of generations is the way we chose.

Our goal is to create resources for continuous improvement.

To be able to make necessary investments to ensure continuity of service; To encourage the convergence of small and large savings ensure profit of the shareholders  who are entitled to the capital; To create resources from activities to help our employees and the community develop economically and socially, and cutting out the waste by providing rational use of all resources is our main priority.

Adhering to superior business ethics and honest working principles is our character.

It is our principle to act in good faith and understanding in all our relationships to ensure fairness, mutual benefit, and always to abide by laws and ethics. To fulfill our responsibilities to today's people and future generations is another fundamental element that we are leading and can not give up. For Turkey and the world, it is our duty to behave in an environmentally conscious manner and to disseminate this knowledge.